Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that EuroTrans Ltd.. meets the requirements of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificated in full range, which resulted in obtaining the AEO certificate in November this year, thus obtaining the approval of the Tax Administration Chamber for simplified customs procedures throughout the European Union, which means the possibility of applying tariff preferences for our Customers and acceleration of customs and terminal-port services for our Clients’ cargo.

Obtaining the AEO status was preceded, among the others, by the implementation of increased standards of customer service security, including their data and compliance with restrictive requirements based on the criteria of the Community Customs Code.

The AEO certificate is a unique identifier of the security of a trading partner, which is recognized in all European Union countries, and for you in particular carries tangible benefits resulting from:

1) accelerated customs clearance,
2) the possibility of applying preferential customs procedures,
3) the highest data protection, with particular emphasis on electronic data
4) very good financial condition guaranteeing smooth service of orders entrusted to us.

The above applies to all countries of the European Union.
An additional advantage is the guarantee of good financial standing of Eurotrans Sp z o.o., currently confirmed by the audit of the Tax Administration Chamber and renewed in annual cycles.

Authorized AEO Entrepreneur – EuroTrans Ltd. is a guarantee of the highest standards of service and safety of our clients’ loads.

The combination of already implemented standards ISO 28000, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, FIATA, IWAY and AEO makes us the strongest link in the supply chain of our Clients.

We are delight to announce our newest achievement- AEO

Yours faithfully

Mangement and Employess