Sea freight

Sea freight

The offer of maritime forwarding is based on solutions extremely advantageous to our Customers. What is of special importance for our company is the safety of cargo entrusted to us, therefore most goods forwarded by us are covered by cargo insurance upon the Customer’s request.

Additionally we offer:

  • professional team dedicated to shipment handling in sea carriage
  • access to innovative solutions
  • organising the transport of full container loads (FCL), less-than-container loads (LCL), and oversized cargo
  • our own port and customs clearance staff ensuring the forwarder’s direct supervision over shipments and reliable coordination of activities
  • transport consultancy for the selection of the best solutions
  • a package of additional services, including logistic services in warehouses situated close to terminals and further inside a country
  • cargo preparation for sea carriage, container make up and break-bulk, shipment packaging, stevedoring and fixing in containers both inside a country and at a sea terminal

The range of services covers the whole world, including ocean, sea and inland ports.

Our mission
[leading]Taking advantage of our competences and experience, we create services and products related to transport organisation, featuring the highest quality and safety, for the most demanding Customers.
Our vision
To be a recognised world leader in the supply of commercial transport organisation solutions.
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