Road transport

Comprehensive and diversified road transport organisation services, both at home and abroad. Our company offers part and full truck loads.

Rail freight

We offer solutions in organising intermodal transport comprising the road, rail and maritime system. Comprehensive service in organising and coordinating various modes of transport.

Sea freight

Container transport, part load container service, bulk shipmnets, general and oversized cargo.

Air freight

Fast and reliable shipping of parcels around the world. Our services include standard and oversized shipments. We offer organization of multimodal transport: sea-air, rail – air.


We analyse the present conditions, create a “tailor-made” action plan, instructions and procedures, conduct tender procedures and create efficient control tools.


EUROTRANS is a Polish company dealing with the organisation of domestic and international transport of cargo. We have at our disposal a team of specialist and modern carriers.

We guarantee to our Clients:

  • Timely delivery
  • Safety of cargo
  • Professional attitude
  • Reliable service

We offer transport organisation services both in Europe and on other continents. We have at our disposal all necessary carriers to provide our Customers with comprehensive transport services. The capacity of our vehicles suits both standard requirements and non-standard orders for specialised transport services. All cargo is insured, and transport traced owing to ongoing communication of freight forwarders with the drivers. Professional equipment in the vehicles enables the Customer to obtain information on the cargo at any time, no matter the day of the week.

Our assets:

  • Provision of specialised services
  • Insurance of all cargo
  • Shipment tracing
  • Making information on the goods available to the Customers on the 24/7 basis

We trust that our company can carry out the most difficult tasks. Please contact us to start working with us.

Our mission
[leading]Taking advantage of our competences and experience, we create services and products related to transport organisation, featuring the highest quality and safety, for the most demanding Customers.
Our vision
To be a recognised world leader in the supply of commercial transport organisation solutions.
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