Road transport

Road transport

International transport

EUROTRANS specialises in organising international and domestic cargo shipment . Our shipments can be found in the furthermost parts of Europe, far away in Russia, and also in the Middle East. Air and maritime shipments make possible to transport goods on all continents, on which civilisation built motor roads. Innovative logistic solutions, offered in reply to the special needs of each of our Customers, are core of our strategy on the presence on the transport market. The range of our services are adjusted to the requirements of the cargo transport market.

The directions serviced by us in road international transport include the following continents:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa

Domestic transport

We offer forwarding and logistic services for part and full track loads. We have the widest range of vehicles available in Poland. Our operators will be pleased to present you the details of domestic transport offered by our company.

Part load transport

In addition to organising full transport load, our company also arranges part load shipments in the whole of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Transport of oversized cargo

At our disposal are specialised equipment for the transport of oversized cargo, in addition we ensure special permits, civil pilotage, route diversions, a change of road infrastructure, the assistance of civil service and technical assistance.


Available vehicles:

  • Truck tractors with semitrailers
  • Truck with a trailer
  • Light-weight vehicles, capacity from 1.2 to 3.5 tons
  • Bigger trucks, capacity from 3.5 to 5.5 tons
  • Trucks with low-loading semitrailers
  • Refrigerated and isothermal trucks
  • Chain lift skip trucks
  • Animal trucks
  • Specialised equipment, e.g. tankers, silos for loose materials, container undercarriages, sets with a truck crane, and tip-up trucks.
Our mission
[leading]Taking advantage of our competences and experience, we create services and products related to transport organisation, featuring the highest quality and safety, for the most demanding Customers.
Our vision
To be a recognised world leader in the supply of commercial transport organisation solutions.
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