Diamenty Forbesa 2023

Once again we confirm our commitment to work we do and strengthen our position by taking part in Diamond’s Gala by Forbes magazine.

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Szlachetna Paczka 2022

As a company, we do not look only for constant development, building strong relationships with our customers but we also want to do something more and we try to give a helping hand for those in need.

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The EUROTRANS company has become a member of the WCA global network.The global network of partners not only enables us to carry out the supply in possibly the shortest time,but also optimize transport costs.

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Runmageddon 2019

For the EUROTRANS team nothing is impossible.  Our team completed the race together, overcoming the weaknesses and showing strength of character. Well done!      

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Customs simplifications

More training behind us. This time, the EUROTRANS employees took a part in practical trainings of simplifications in customs service for business entities. The aim of the training was to broaden the knowledge of the existing customs law and the application of the introduced simplifications, which have a direct impact on enterprises making international transfer of goods and how to prepare for the requirements set by the customs administration in the handling of customs procedures.      

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Forbes Diamonds 2019

This is not the first time when EUROTRANS Sp. z o. o. was among the laureates of the prestigious group of Forbes Diamonds . The presence of our company in the Forbes ranking is a confirmation of the continuous development of the company, increase in its value and systematic strengthening of the market position of our company.

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FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding

We are pleased to inform you that EUROTRANS employees took part in the autumn edition of the course according to the program approved by FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.

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25.05.2018 – RODO

As of 25th May, new law on the protection of personal data cames  in to force. Therefore, we have prepared all the necessary information, which can be found in our Privacy Policy section, where we included all the information about the processing of personal data.  

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14.05.2018 — AEO

EUROTRANS Sp. z o.o. is at its final stage of verification of customs procedures in order to obtain the status of authorized entrepreneur — AEO.

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