Privacy policy

According to RODO (GDPR) we must inform people, the data of whose we are processing, about their rights and our responsibilities connected to it – no matter if we got this data from a person it concerns, or other sources.

In connection to this we inform that:

  1. The Administrator of data (hereinafter: “Administrator”) is EUROTRANS Sp. z o.o. with the registered seat in Gdańsk at ul. Dywizji Wołyńskiej 18b/7, NIP PL5832818966, REGON 192905663, KRS 0000161555.
  2. You can contact the Administrator in writing, by traditional post under the address: EUROTRANS Sp. z o.o. , ul Chmielna 26/417, 80-748 Gdańsk or by e-mail under the address:
  3. Performing the agreements concluded by us means acquiring transport orders from our clients and implementing them together with the subcontractors working with us. The implementation of our legitimate interests includes all the activities concerning the transport orders, i.e. processing of payment, possible complaints, vindication procedures or transmitting all important information concerning a given order.
  4. Your personal data is processed in order to implement the transport ordered at the EUROTRANS company, processing of other products offered by EUROTRANS, as well as for statistical aims.
  5. Your personal data is processed only for the scope for which it has been acquired during conducting business activities by the Administrator and from the sources like: receiving transport orders, commercial enquiries, commercial offers, freight exchange, contact form on
  6. The recipients of your data can be the Administrator’s workers, clients and subcontractors, if it is necessary for implementing the concluded agreements or for our legally legitimate interests.
  7. Your data can be transmitted to the countries from outside the European Economic Area (“third countries” according to RODO/GDPR) only in the case when it is necessary for the implementation of a particular transport order.
  8. Your data will be processed in the period necessary for implementation of our legally legitimate interests.
  9. In connection to the processing of your data, based on RODO (GDPR), you have right to ask the Administrator to: give access to your personal data, clarify your personal data, remove your personal data, limit the processing of your personal data, transfer your personal data and object to processing of your personal data. The implementation of the above rights can be limited by other laws or protection of our own interest. You can use the rights mentioned above by contacting us in a way described in point 2 above.
  10. Your personal data is not processed automatically (e.g. by profiling) that produces legal effects or influences you in a significant way, however we use cookie files and other systems monitoring movement in our websites (profiling for marketing purposes).
  11. We do our best to ensure all the means of physical, technical and organizational data protection against the accidental or intentional destruction, accidental loss, change, unauthorized disclosure, usage or access, according to the applying regulations.
Unsere Mission
Auf Grund unserer Kompetenzen und Erfahrungen bieten wir die mit der Organisation des Transports verbundenen Dienstleistungen und Produkte, die sich durch die höchste Qualität und Sicherheit auszeichnen und für die anspruchsvollsten Kunden bestimmt sind.
Unsere Vision
Wir wollen Marktführer im Bereich der kommerziellen Lösungen für Organisation des Transports sein.
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